4 ideas for outdoor games for your events

4 ideas for outdoor games for your events

When you have a lot of kids at a birthday party, family celebration, or business event , sometimes it’s hard to find a game that everyone will enjoy. Fortunately, we have chosen original games for all ages: the little ones are ready to play and have fun outdoors. Also, there are no complicated rules that have to be explained to participants for hours. We have chosen simple games that require little or no equipment and can be played in a small garden or on a large field.

Home ball, a sporting activity for everyone

Home ball is one of the outdoor games that was born to give everyone the opportunity to play sports, regardless of age or physical ability. Version football or handball, the objective is the same: to mark in the yellow targets of the opposite camp and especially never to mark in a red target.

Armchair home ball is a hand-held version of the game , but adapted for people with disabilities. In this variant, people with reduced mobility play disabled matches . It is also an effective way to raise awareness of disability among different audiences during your cultural or sporting events .

sumo suits

Sumo wrestling conjures up images in many people of two overweight men fighting each other. Is it interesting to do it with colleagues, friends or family? This is possible with the right sumo suits . Costume sumo wrestling is a hilarious activity and a very entertaining spectacle. With this activity at your fingertips, the atmosphere of seminars, team building events, bachelor parties and other sporting events is guaranteed.

Sumo suits are guaranteed to be a good investment. It is a well-known and very popular animation in the world of events . This activity is hilarious because in a sumo suit every move is a real challenge and it always guarantees a great show.

Wooden games and traditional games

The old wooden games allow you to entertain young and old during your events . They are the perfect entertainment to keep guests waiting for a cocktail or an aperitif. At your wedding, a professional event  or to animate a fair or a social event, old wooden games will bring you total pleasure.

Snookball, a hybrid practice mixing billiards and football.

This sport, which can be practiced from the age of ten, is ideal for spending time with friends or family. Based on cooperation and team spirit, Snookball is borrowed from both football and billiards. This sport takes its name from a legendary billiard shot: the snook , which occurs when a forehand is blocked by an opponent’s ball.

When the game starts, the player who pockets the first ball chooses their group of balls. The goal being to pocket everything, and then the number 8. The main rule of this sport, as the name suggests, is the snookball rule . This occurs when a player successfully enters one of his own balls by passing the ball he kicked over one of the opposing team’s balls. By making this gesture, the player can put back into play a ball already pocketed by the opposing team.


Outdoors, choose a game that children will thrive in. For older children, think of a game that gives thrills. Whether it’s a Christmas party or any other celebration, outdoor games for children (and even adults) will always be welcome at your event. To immortalize this unique moment, think of the photos so that everyone leaves with unforgettable memories of your commercial or simply festive event.

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